Xparx Computing

I.T. Consulting Services Since 2003


ADSL Broadband Setup
We take the hassle out of getting connected by providing all the equipment and doing the installation and setup for you. Turn your Web surfing time into the fast, exciting, and productive experience that it should be.

Internet Problems Solved

Installation of Dial-Up or Broadband (ADSL), connection problems rectified or internet connection sharing equipment installed.

Virus/Spyware Removal and Protection
Are you concerned that your computer might be infected with a virus or maybe your anti-virus software is unable to clean your machine? We can fix it.
Internet Security

Avoid the dangers of being online with the implementation of secured connections.

Office and Home Networking
Network installation, set up and troubleshooting.
Networking solutions including connections to ADSL broadband, Wireless networking, Routing and Firewall Security, Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections (to connect you to your office), and Internet Connection Sharing.

Business IT

Business solutins for implementing domain structures, private email/Web servers, and user network access/security.
Server Support - including Domain Controllers, Active Directory, DNS and DHCP servers, Mail servers, Web servers etc.

Domain Name, Web Design and Hosting
Want your own domain name with a website and email addreses (e.g. you@yourbusiness.com.au, www.yourbusiness.com.au)? We can organize it all for you, from getting it registered to setting it up and maintaining it.
Web Design: Personal or business web design and maintenance. Have a web presence! Talk to us about what you require and lets us make suggestions, recommendations and prepare a package for you.


Computer tutoring and training with sensitivity and patience. Covering skills from introductory level, to intermediate and advanced courses for tertiary studies preparation, or training courses designed for your specific business needs.

Hardware Troubleshooting

Has your computer started acting strangely, started crashing or freezing all the time? We specializes in computer repairs and have a free pickup and delivery service for the metro area. We can repair your machine whether it has a bad hard drive, a failing floppy, dead power supply, burn out CPU or faulty motherboard.
System Building, Upgrading or
We can build new systems to your requirements or add new components to your existing computer. We can also wipe your system clean and reinstall your operating system just like new (great if you have bought a second hand computer). We can install and configure new hardware, components or peripherals such as scanners,  printers, cd/dvd burners, cameras, raid controllers, video capture, etc.